03/24 - Released Moonlight Valley forum

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03/24 - Released Moonlight Valley forum Empty 03/24 - Released Moonlight Valley forum

Post by Ky on March 26th 2014, 1:58 pm

Well this anouncement is a bit late, as it should've been done like 2 days ago but...

On March 24th the Moonlight Valley forum was released to the public or as to say exposed. I say welcome to anyone who joins us, I'm going to try my best to improve this site to everyone's liking and make it fun and entertaining by providing little things to actually do in the forum. I will be looking for Global and Section Moderators once we grow into a larger community and I find the needs.

The rules will be set soon but as for now, just general rules. Don't spam, don't double or triple post etc., don't be a jerk, and keep it PG/13.

Enjoy and invite your friends and have a good time here together.  OK 

P.S. The emoticons actually work.  hnng


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